Rigth to the children to live into a family

Nothing changes a child more than the affection and the safety of a home.

However, many children are in limited situations, growing up alone with little to no hope of finding a family.
MUNDI works with the objective of offering a family to children without one, with the conviction that it is the only definitive solution that guaranties the future of a child.

Our organization has been working since 2004 for a clear objective: to offer adequate families to minors that are unprotected, abandoned and condemned to live in an institution in the best scenarios.

We have one goal: No child in an institution. 

We believe that the family is the ideal place where children can grow up protected. The right to family allows the child to relate to a story and above all offers a perimeter of protection against the violation of their rights.

We firmly defend the right of the child to have a family. And besides, we add to our society and collaborate with families, building relationships to increase the understanding and unity between people of different cultures and countries.

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