intercountry adoption

 Established in Madrid on October 12, 2003. 

1.   Registered in the National Register of Associations with the number 588885 

2.   Registered in the Register of Associations of the Community of Madrid with the number 26110 

3.   Registered as non-governmental organization in the Spanish Registry for the international development and cooperation by resolution of March 8, 2005 

4.   Accredited by the Madrid’s' Institute of minor and of the family to act as collaborating entity of international adoption in the following countries: 

a)   Burkina Faso: Resolution 16/37/2005 of 10 August

b)   Ethiopia: Resolution 21/07/2005, of 11 October 

c)   Mali: Resolution 16/44/2009, of 11 May  

Our team is currently working with the authorities responsible for the procedures and authorization of intercountry adoption in the countries were we are authorized, to improve the procedures and the adequate guarantees within the current international legislation. 

We work also to create the necessary structures and infrastructures to provide children with the best sanitary, educational and food conditions for their correct development and growth, collaborating in the supply of milk of specific composition for the recovery of children in the state of malnutrition and providing staple foods. 

We also collaborate with the supply of clothing, medicines and other items that are necessary in orphanages. 

We have both, our own and contracted personnel, in the countries of origin of the children, that watch over the fulfillment of the objectives and the correct development of the projects. 

Thanks to that, in the countries of origin we create jobs that allow the families of our workers to have covered their basic needs and improve, both in their training and in their quality of life. 

All this represents a cost that, unfortunately, the authorities of each country do not cover, and therefore we need the support of civil society to continue helping children in orphanages. 

Likewise, we collaborate with the elaboration of projects, documents, and training, in order to create infrastructures that will last through the years in the countries of origin of the minors. 

Since our constitution we have managed to unite more than 600 families with their children, creating new families that have made both parents and children happy. 

Our goal is to be able to continue doing this for many years, but we need all the help we can. 

At present we have 40 families waiting for our help to finish their adoption process, for which we will need to cover the expenses of almost 60% of the cost of the process. 

In the following link you can see some of the projects carried out in different countries.

We look forward to your support so we can continue to create smiles for thousands of children and parents.

                                       General Aranaz, 99  CP.28027  Madrid  SPAIN  0034 686195014