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1. Family grants Program - Tigray Region.

Scholarships that allow an indirect aid to the whole of the beneficiary family. 100 direct beneficiaries.

This program has been suspended due the lack of funds to keep it working properly.


2. Orthopedic training program - Black Lion Hospital Addis Ababa.

Specific training program for an Ethiopian orthopedic surgeon who has been able to acquire and be trained in knowledge of a new mobility repair technique, through the implantation of a prosthesis. The training took place in Uganda and Chicago. This surgeon in turn has formed new work teams in Ethiopia.

Supply of 100 prostheses that have allowed 100 beneficiaries to regain mobility.


3. Construction of a rural school - Oromia Wongy Region.

It is a Childhood and Primary Education School, built in Oromia region, in the rural area of Wonji village, for 300 boys and girls.The school is in its sixth academic year (2015-2016). Currently the center is managed by the regional government of Oromía, which guarantees the continuity of the project and the local approach. In 2015/2016 the Wonji Number Three school has a total of 289 children, 143 children and 146 girls. Each of these children is selected by the "Kebele" (neighborhood) after verifying the poverty situation of his family.

The pupils of the Wonji Number Three are mostly children of single parents or orphans who are cared for by a relative. 40% of these children do not bring food to school every day because their family did not work the day before and could not buy it.


4. Construction of a School - Korem-Tigray Ethiopia.

Korem is a small town, approximately 16,800 inhabitants, in northern Ethiopia, located in the administrative region of Tigray, 620 km from Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia.

Although national standards indicate an average of 400 students per school and a maximum of 50 students per class, the reality of Korem is far away from these indicators, with an average of 900 to 1,200 students per school center and 60 to 80 students per classroom. For This reason, the regional government has raised up the urgent need to open 2 new Childhood and Primary Education Schools in the area of Korem. 

In September 2015 the school was inaugurated and the first school year began in 2015/2016.

Burkina Faso

WENDE MI-TIC Center. Dining room for children from streets.

Created by Alessane Kere, director of the center, Wende Mi-Tic was born in November 2011 as a dining room for childrens from the streets in Ougadogou, capital of Burkina Faso, with a budget for 50 children a day. On the day of its inauguration we already started, with food prepared for 40 children, were presented 100 children. The desire to do so and the improvisation capacity of the team of Wende Mi-Tic managed to feed everyone of the 100 childrenthat came. In a short time it became clear that giving a meal a day was not enough to help families in the area to get ahead. Mothers needed a place in which to leave their children to try to get work while the children were in need of support to gain access to schooling.

That's why, three months after the dining room opened its doors, we started a school up in the house that houses the dining room. Taking advantage of the climatology of Ougadogou, spaces were enabled, both inside the house and in the courtyards.

In addition to the standard teaching subjects, the children have classes in theater and crafts, these subjects bring too much joy in their day to day. The craft teacher collaborates voluntarily with the center. The teacher, so-called Positive man, is a disabled and self-sufficient person with the sale of his artisan products; For children who come to the center is a model for their inner strength, which shows that despite difficulties, with effort, you can get ahead.


Center for first aid to abandoned children in extreme situations. Bamako. Mali.

30 beds. Providing all necessary means for the care of children of street, abandoned in extreme conditions, includes the creation of a medical service that allows the survival and improvement of general health conditions. Supply of medicines, basic material, and special milk for premature babies.Here you can enter text or insert images or tables, if necessary.

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