"Explaining our experience is not easy if you can not see our day to day, without feeling what he gives us. We are a small family that went up on a roller coaster to live life intensely.

His eyes captivated us and his smile makes the
wait worthwhile, in the end he came and with him learn to play and to be
children, to learn that life is not in such a hurry and above all to check that
three are not crowds."




 We are a family: Jorge, Gemma and Teo.

 We are a family thanks to Mundi.

In Ethiopia was born the greatest treasure of our life, our SON TEO. One day, more than two years ago, Mundi managed to reunite the three of us to create a new home full of illusions and much much love.

 We will never forget that moment. One of Teo's favorite stories is the story of when he was a little boy. In it we are all: dad, mom, a call from Mundi, lots of joy, a plane trip across the ocean and a little house where Teo is waiting for us. And there happens the most beautiful of our life, Jorge and Gemma become dad and mom.

I hope there are many more homes where the little ones hear their own story.


Burkina Faso

EliĆ© has changed our live! 

He has brought so much love and joy to us

we are very gratefull.


What is mundi for us? 

For our family is everything, it is family, it is hope, it is commitment, it is future, because to get to this photo there has been a piece of everything, it has not been an easy way, we have shared with Mundi so many hard and bad nights, efforts, projects, fears, despair... 

All those things has served to create a bond forever, and join forces to fight hand in hand for the future of these children who want a family, and for those families who wait with their open arms to hug them.

Photos courtesy of some families who have adopted with us

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