Established in Madrid on October 12, 2003. 

1.   Registered in the National Register of Associations with the number 588885 

2.   Registered in the Register of Associations of the Community of Madrid with the number 26110 

3.   Registered as non-governmental organization in the Spanish Registry for the international development and cooperation by resolution of March 8, 2005 

4.   Accredited by the Madrid’s' Institute of minor and of the family to act as collaborating entity of international adoption in the following countries: 

a)   Burkina Faso: Resolution 16/37/2005 of 10 August

b)   Ethiopia: Resolution 21/07/2005, of 11 October 

c)   Mali: Resolution 16/44/2009, of 11 May


The objective of the NGO is to achieve lasting improvements in the quality of life of the neediest children in developing countries, giving absolute priority to those who are unprotected and abandoned by their families of origin. 

An institution is never a place for a child to grow, however, when this happens, it is necessary to offer basic assistance that allows them to survive through programs to help orphanages in which we support their food and health. 

To avoid institutionalization:                    

  •  We collaborate in family insertion programs in their countries of origin.
  •  We offer technical assistance to support demographic control, abandon prevention and national and inter country adoption.
  •  We facilitate integration into families from other countries, as long as there is no other alternative in their country of birth.
  • We strongly defend the right of the child to have a family.
Furthermore, we contribute to our society and collaborate with the families by building relationships to increase understanding and unity among people from different cultures and countries. 

General Aranaz, 99  CP.28027  Madrid  SPAIN  0034 686195014